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Waste Management Program will be executed accordingly to Specs in accordance with the ASTM.

Transportation of waste

One of our core services is to collect and transport waste materials from client sites to appropriate disposal facilities. This also includes providing appropriate waste collection equipment .

Clearing sewage blocks

With our powerful jetting machines and experienced staff, we are able to handle even the most stubborn of blocks in sewage and drainage lines in both residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Specialized services

Our core activity also includes extremely specialized services like cleaning of slurry tanks in sewage treatment plants using high pressure jetting and super sucker machines and the disposal of hazardous waste.

Offering robust waste management solutions

We offer complete waste management services and recycling solutions for industries throughout the State of Qatar.

Protocol will include the following

  • Segregation of waste into different containers where organic, paper and waste will be provided with specific locations
  • Colour coded receptacles will be placed in different locations to facilitate the disposable of different kinds of waste
  • Collection of waste will take place at specific times and schedules to prevent any lead time or spillage of waste from the specified containers
  • Timely inspection for different bins and containers with spot checks