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facilities MANAGEMENT service


Among the most important services provided by Abraj Qatar Group is Pests (Flies and Crawling Insects) Rats, and Rodents Control services. AQG has started supplying this service to its valued customers since 2008, with two parallel systems:

The first system is to secure Pests, Rats & Rodents Control services for long-term contracts, especially through Tenders for the public and private sectors, by providing specialized and well-trained teams to carry out high-quality Pest Control Services, and most importantly, with adherence to all health and safety standards.
Second system implies IPM Technique. AQG utilizes Integrated Pest Management technique (IPM) as a program in which Pesticides are limited and used only if the application can be 100% environmentally friendly. IPM typically utilizes methods to discourage pests of entering and keep pests away so that harsh pesticides are not, required in case of sensitivity issue. It is a total program, environmentally sound, people-safe, and well planned, including constant maintenance that will be able keep your facility pest free.