Royal Valet is the brand carrier of Abraj Qatar Group in the field of Parking Management Solutions. We bring to the market new ideas and innovation to improve our service to our customers dramatically. Everything we do will be bench marked against world class best practices with an inspiration to demonstrate leadership in customer service.

We try to make parking as simple as possible. We are always looking for ways to make parking more convenient for your customers and guests. We aim to take the stress out of parking needs for our clients, whilst providing their customers with a parking service to be proud of.

Royal Valet offers exceptional parking services with a professional look. Our core strengths lie in the quality of our service and professionalism of our personnel. Our attention to detail is what separates us from the rest of the parking industry. Our passion is managing the parking obstacles , which in turns enables us to deliver superior service

Our parking management system is fully utilizing all the latest technology and software available in the market. Our PMS integrated with the following:

Parking Management Software – the software ties in all the components of the parking management system

Automated Access Control System – our parking management system ties in with the Access control system like Automatic gates, barrier controls, ticketing systems etc.

Statistical Reporting Software - generate hourly, weekly, monthly & yearly reports of revenue, number of car park etc.

In addition, Royal Valet uses mobile application for the fastest retrieval of car. The mobile application can be used for Apple users as well as Android users that can be downloaded by the customers and allow them to order their car with just a click by entering their ticket numbers or car number with the location before leaving their place which will automatically appear in the parking laptop. The retrieval of car using this application is very fast and easy so there is no need for more extra time waiting in getting your car. The instructions on how to download the application can be found on the valet parking ticket.

Compassionate Patients Services

Royal Valet is an experienced medical center parking provider, specializing in full and limited service parking systems for hospitals, medical centers and physician's buildings. We manage parking for primary healthcare facilities, such as Hamad Medical Corporation, Rumailah Hospital, Al-Ahli Hospital, Al Wakra Hospital, Women’s Hospital and Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC). Royal Valet is the right choice for compassionate care and efficient patient service initiatives.

Managing the parking operations of hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare facilities means delivering the most caring sort of customer assistance. It’s more than right; it’s a matter of someone’s well-being. That’s why our personnel are specially trained to deliver the most highly-attentive level of service to patients and visitors. Just as importantly, Royal Valet will consult with you to ensure that traffic flow and customer experience are designed to the needs of the patients, both physically and psychologically.

Truck Parking Facility

Royal Valet operates and manages the Barwa Al Baraha Truck Parking Facility, the largest automated truck parking facility in the region which can accommodate more than 4,200 trucks at a time with all the amenities available to end-users such as kiosks, cafe, restrooms, gazebos and canteen.

We provide Supervision, manning and cashiering at the Toll Booths/Gates which includes access control, collection of fees from customers, maintain general ledger, collecting the total sum of money from the cashier and proceed with timely deposits in the Bank under the Client’s Account Name.

Also, we carry out the operations, monitoring and management of CCTV system for the facility in relation to its services. Furthermore, Royal Valet carry out the traffic and parking management in the facility including the maintenance of traffic signage’s and traffic management devices.

Professional Event Parking Services

The company provides parking services for professional and major sports teams, theaters and large concert event venues. Large volume event parking requires significant talent resources and experience. Let Abraj Qatar Group event specialists design and implement a single or ongoing event parking plan to make parking success at your venue.

Our management team will work closely with you or your event coordinator to ensure that your event valet services run smoothly and efficiently.

Exceptional Parking Service in Shopping Center
Nowadays shopping malls are the important part of lives of the people. Everyday especially during weekends this place is packed with people and parking area is an issue. At Royal Valet shoppers are accustomed to good service.

We manage every type of retail operation, be it shopping centers, restaurants or mixed-use facilities. These are busy customers who want a pleasant, hassle-free experience. We deliver by paying special attention to the details, making sure that everything is purposeful and efficient. We know, like you do, that it’s the little things that often have the biggest impact on your guests. We’ll designed your facility parking to make the most of your available space, while still providing the utmost in comfort, safety and security.
Guest Oriented Hotel Parking Services

Exceptional guest service requires surprising and delighting guests through creative anticipation of their needs. Royal Valet is prepared to implement our signature front door arrival protocol, designed to exceed standards in all applicable categories. This kind of service is shown on our rendered service to Melia Hotel.

Our front door services include: Concierge, Way finders, Cashiers, Traffic Controllers, and Greeters. Part Personal Assistant and part Interactive Directory, our Front Door Team's sole purpose is to assist visitors, staff, and clients in any way possible. From assisting guests with parcels to escorting disabled visitors, our Front Door Team goes the extra mile to enhance and improve the experiences, when traffic becomes an issue at your facility; Royal Valet Traffic Controllers step in and keeps traffic flowing through your facility with ease and expertise. In addition to providing necessary assistance, our Front Door Team is extremely knowledgeable about locations within the facility and the surrounding area. Dedicated to excellent service, our Front Door Team adds an essential layer of seamless hospitality that has become the standard in any facilities today.


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